SUper Management 1.0.3 (16/01/2022)

[ADDED] Icon for chatlog plugin in menu
[ADDED] Home link in menu
[ADDED] LOGO URL is now set by a variable in config.php
[ADDED] Links to games are now in buttons (settings-games.php)
[ADDED] Echelon is now in Dark Mode by default
[ADDED] Action Cyclemap
[ADDED] Action Reload
[ADDED] Discord button on public login page
[ADDED] Integrated BigBrotherBot Doc page
[ADDED] GAME_AUTH_URL added in config.php
[ADDED] Auth infos in clients.php
[ADDED] Auth infos in regular.php
[ADDED] Auth infos in admins.php
[ADDED] Auth web account profile in clientdetails.php
[FIXED] An additional </li> that causes the menu to malfunction when a plugin is active.
[UPDATED] JQuery lib to 3.6.0
[UPDATED] Popper.js to latest version
[UPDATED] login.php style
[UPDATED] clientdetails.php style
[UPDATED] clientdetails.php detects bots
[UPDATED] clients.php shows only real players
[UPDATED] clients.php style
[UPDATED] regular.php style
[UPDATED] admins.php style
SUper Management 1.0.2 (11/01/2022)

[ADDED] Server Management page (Restart Urt & B3)
[ADDED] Some icons on menus
[ADDED] Urt Auth Account on Client Information page
[ADDED] SUper Management plugin support
[ADDED] ChangeLog page
[PARTIAL] Memcached support
[PARTIAL] PHP v8 support
[UPDATED] Reworked home page
[FIXED] World Player Map
Echelon v2.3

A new look: Echelon has gotten a face lift; giving a much cleaner interface for the end user.

Easy Management: Echelon admins can now edit the majority of all Echelon settings from the Echelon control panel, no more shall admins need to hand out ftp/file access permissions so that admin can edit a setting or add a new game to expand Echelon.

Multiverse: Echelon now supports multi everything. Many B3 users run multiple B3 instances off the same DB. You can access multiple games or multiple servers from one Echelon.

New Pages: we have added some more pages to the default Echelon install: Active Admins, see what admins haven’t logged on in a while; Regular Users see what users frequent your servers regularly and recently; Admin List, just like the clients page but only for admins.

IP Blacklist: easily and simply ban people from accessing your Echelon.

More Things to Do: Admins now have the ability to change a client's mask information, greeting, and edit ban details shortening or lengthening a ban or change the reason.

Security: anti-session hijacking and fixation, tokens to stop CSRF attacks, prepared statements to prevent SQL injection. Making your Echelon experience more secure allowing you to protect both you and your users.

Granular Permissions: from the permissions page you can now decide what people can perform what actions.

Gravatars: select a profile picture for your user with the Gravatar system (Globally Recognised Avatar)